Work Injury Lawyer - What Comp Pays

An employee injured on the job in Pennsylvania is entitled to payment of medical bills for the work injury and to weekly or biweekly payments of compensation benefits to replace wages lost due to partial or total disability. The amount of the wage loss benefit generally depends on how much you were earning in the year prior to your injury, including overtime and bonuses. For new hires, the benefit rate is based upon how much you were expected to earn. Lost earnings from a second job, if any, must also be properly considered and included.

The most common calculation is two-thirds of any wage loss caused by the work injury, subject to certain statutory maximums and minimums. Workers with very limited pre-injury earnings are entitled to a rate of fully ninety percent of their pre-injury earnings.

The Workers' Compensation Act provides detailed formulas to allow the proper calculation of wage loss benefits for all employees in all circumstances. Despite this, employers and insurance carriers often underpay the injured worker. Call me.  I can tell you what Pennsylvania Workers Compensation pays and I will tell you if you are being short-changed.  Call us now at 610 924 5667 or 215 559 5003

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